Hi everyone! My name is Kevin Dajee; I am a Psychologist, Teacher, Writer, Researcher, Husband, Father, Zombie enthusiast, Fan of Horror, Sci-Fi and Comic books; Confirmed Geek and fulltime Raconteur. I have worked within clinical settings and lectured within Universities in the UK and have published research articles in peer reviewed journals.

Why do we do the things that we do? Are we really just a product of either nature or nurture? Is the concept of free will merely an illusion? The study of human mind and behaviour: how and why we think, feel, act and interact individually and in groups and perceive stimuli in different ways demonstrates how something we often take for granted is actually one of the most complex machines on Earth. psychology-design-resize-1-serpia.jpg

I enjoy learning and writing about new things especially within my discipline of psychology and so one function of this blog is to share written articles and insights mainly related but not necessarily exclusive to just psychology. I do have a diverse and varied interest in many things.

Please find me and follow me on Twitter, Facebook and this WordPress Blog to keep up-to-date with my posts. I look forward to writing more and hearing from you all.

Thanks for Reading! @KevinDajee

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