Growing up I was blown away by James Cameron’s Aliens (1986). It was and still is my favourite film both visually and technically (no silly CGI effects!), and the characters and dialogue were just simply fantastic. I can watch Aliens over and over again, with constant terror and fear awaiting the characters and non-stop action throughout, it is clever, funny in places (some great memorable quotes), emotional, nostalgic and just simply entertaining!  It was a massive shame when Alien 3 failed to build upon the character development between Ripley, Hicks and Newt. As a massive fan of the Alien franchise overall, I wait in hope that someday someone with the vision and creativity will put something special out there that lives up to expectations. My wait may be over……….. In January 2015 Neill Blomkamp tweeted that he was working on a secret Alien project that included Ripley (Sigourney Weaver) reuniting with Corporal Blomkamp-Alien1Hicks (Michael Biehn), and the concept art is intriguing but also absolutely gorgeous.

It has now been announced in February 2015 that not only would Blomkamp get to make the movie, but that the sci-fi sequel would be his next project.

So it looks like someone with vision and talent who knows this genre well has stepped up. With Giger’s Freudian sexual terror imagery portrayed by Blomkamp-Alien2the Xenomorphs and in other visuals, the suspense of Alien and the high octane action of Aliens, and some familiar characters, maybe just maybe we may get the sequel we have always dreamed of. Blomkamp is a big fan and he seems to know what is at stake and what the expectations are in undertaking this massive project. Neill Blomkamp revealed that he was looking to make a new Alien sequel that would tie in more to Alien and Aliens, rather than Alien 3 and Alien: Resurrection. But how exactly Mr Blomkamp will manage to bring back a much older-looking Ripley and Hicks remains to be seen, especially without retconning the events of Alien 3 and Resurrection. Maybe an alternate timeline or some mechanism of time travel and the changing of timelines may be used especially since it seems to be current practice in big budget sci-fi these days when adding to a movie franchise. It could even mean that maybe Bishop (Lance Henriksen) might get the other half of his body back somehow!

Expect more teases from Neill Blomkamp in the coming months. Whatever the situation and solution in explaining the events, please make this movie Mr Blomkamp! It is what the people want! And it is what the franchise deserves!

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