By Kevin Dajee

Who would have thought that an innocuous jar of pickles could cause such destruction? He died quite swiftly; I recycled the jar and ate the pickles. I sat there, a phone in one hand with the dating app open and a pickle in the other. It’s completely a love/hate relationship and they have somewhat of an addictive game-like property. At times, looking for love and affection was also becoming more and more like online shopping where I choose my next order. I used to have a thing for origami, the control and manipulation and how a simple ordinary piece could become something extraordinary with a bit of effort and precision. That was then and so I simply substituted one addiction for another. Sure it’s completely superficial, with fickle relationships and a dead date for my efforts. He was just another that I could not control nor could I manipulate, he was like any other so far- disappointing and just very ordinary. A jar of pickles however, well, each time used never ceases to amaze, and that with concerted effort and a well-timed and placed delivery it transforms into a thing of beauty, an extraordinary tool. They say that the human skull shatters like glass after a headshot. Well, I can confirm that a glass jar of pickles can crack a human skull, sometimes the skull cracks before the jar- pretty extraordinary I would say! Maybe I have indeed found my newest addiction?

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